Rave Build - Features

Add Rave Build to your toolbox, build houses and your business while taking back your time.


We take care of the technology so you don't have to.

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A comprehensive documentation of all actions within a project. Full tracking within all activities.

Quickly Determine Liability

Sometimes, things can and do go wrong. Because we operate using cloud based systems there is a clear audit trail. It’s easy to backtrack and see an overview of past interactions. This means that resolving issues is faster and wastes less down time.

No Cost Data

All the data from your previous projects is stored in the cloud, at no extra cost. Finding the information from older projects is fast, as well as hassle and mess free. Leave the organising to us eliminating time wastage and enabling productivity.

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Shows all personal tasks, appointments and follow ups.


Our calendar feature is great because the calendar is centralised with the Rave system. It creates a seamless way to keep updated with your follow ups, and appointments. At a glance you can view your monthly schedule and stay organised.

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Great communication is the key to maximising profit while minimising down time. Communicate to everyone involved in the project in real time, efficiently and easily with internal communication and task notifications.

One Platform, Faster Communication

Messaging on Rave Build is a breeze. You are able to send updates to people, contractors, and staff involved in the project in real time. It’s a matter of spending five minutes sending one message to 10 people, rather than 50 minutes talking to everyone individually.

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Contractors can have their own access, making it simple and easy to communicate, tender, and manage tasks. The contractor access looks just like your regular branch access Rave Build with options tailored more towards contractor's needs. With this specialised access contractor’s can be invited to quote, they can see the documents they need to see to enable them to make an accurate quote, as well as their tasks within the schedule.

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Customer Relationship Management

Our powerful CRM platform has everything you need to manage your sales process. Close more sales, improve organisation, keep staff focussed, with automated reminders providing greater efficiency for teams with accurate sales forecasting and a real time overview.


The dashboard feature of Rave Build is an efficient way to view your upcoming customer appointments, follow ups, and scheduled tasks. It takes you through the customer process and helps you track customer progress through the pipeline.

Know Your Customers

We know that customer contact is important, Rave Build makes it easy to create and maintain customer relationships. The cloud based system means that customer information is easily accessible.

Real-Time Customer Data

Enabling employees working in sales, customer service, and marketing to make quick and informed decisions. Creating, improving, and maintaining customer relationships to benefit your business and your customers.

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Customer Access

Keep your customers up to date with progress photos, file sharing and extensive reporting in a customised company branded client login page maintaining your company's brand, and keeping your customers up to date in real time.


The best part about client access is that you have all the control, you can control exactly what parts of the schedule they can see as well as photos. You can even give your client the ability to share their progress photos from their client access to Rave Build, onto their Facebook account!

Custom Branding

When you give a customer their own access, their rave build portal will have your company branding, essentially looking just like an extension of your website. Your customers will find it easy to login through a customised portal to Rave Build on your company's web page.

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Using our secure and safe cloud based system, organised files grouped within projects are easy to find and share information.

Fully Interactive, Real-Time Data

Paperwork can be a tedious task, however by uploading your documentation to the Rave Build cloud, you reduce stress, and save time. The data only needs to be captured once and eliminates the repetition of filing paper documents. Once added to the cloud, documents are easily accessible off your Rave Build account, anywhere, anytime.

Auto Populate Consent Forms

Auto populate means that relevant previous data that is collected, will automatically populate where relevant. This completely takes out the repetition of filling out each consent form individually as well as cutting down on paper waste.

Real-Time Customer Data

Enabling employees working in sales, customer service, and marketing to make quick and informed decisions. Creating, improving, and maintaining customer relationships to benefit your business and your customers.

Easy to Find Storage

Throw out your filing cabinet, you no longer need it! Finding documents is easy because all data and documentation for a project is kept within the project. Find and view files easily with search functions.

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Integrated email marketing that enables you to send automated emails and segment your client base to optimise marketing campaigns so you always reach your target audience.

Reach Out to Potential Customers

Every time you add a client to your database the information is stored, whether they go all the way down your pipeline or are a cold lead. You have the opportunity to recapture their interest through emailing promotions. Through marketing research you will find a demographic that wants to make alterations or add a shed onto their property, use your customer information that you already had to contact your target audience, whether you offer them a 10% discount or a brand new dishwasher, getting in touch is the key to more customers.

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Integrate your Xero account with Rave Build to stop double handling and keep a running tally of paid, unpaid, up and coming, and outstanding accounts.

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Project management is the engine room of Rave Build, with user friendly and in depth scheduling, you will find the planning and building of projects well oiled and working smoothly. Visual representation in gantt and calendar view, task allocation, task notification, check lists, change alerts, and the ability to easily track build progress is planning and building made easy.

Cloud Based Software

Imagine your building projects managed with transparency from anywhere? Well now you can, with Rave Build’s cloud based systems. It means all your project information is accessible at anytime using any internet capable device. This allows you to communicate and update everyone whilst off site, knowing that everything is running smoothly, and securely stored in the cloud.

Interchangeable Schedule

There are two forms of schedules in Rave Build, a calendar and a gantt chart. These two features are interchangeable with each other and are invaluable to utilising time and staying on track. In particular the gantt chart helps you to overview not just one build, but all builds in real time, allowing you to see your entire schedule at once.


Because Rave Build uses one centralised platform, it’s easy to communicate with everyone involved in your build, including subcontractors. If any changes are made to the schedule or to tasks, everyone involved is notified in real time.

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Extensive reporting across all areas within Rave Build including sales, stage claims, time sheeting, and progress payments.


With in depth reports you can keep your business on track, whether it’s tracking staff timesheets - when and where staff are working or what they're working on or how long they are there. Or you sales pipeline predicted growth, who’s the top sales performer. Rave Build has it all!

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Request and manage quotes from contractors, and stage claim reports. Manage and control project quotes and invoices.

Invite Contractors to Quote

When you invite contractors to quote on a project they are given access to everything they need to be able to price and quote the job accurately. Contractors are unable to view other quotes or other contractors who have been invited to quote for the same project. When they have submitted their quote the project manager is notified and can accept or decline the quote from there.


When you send invoices through Rave Build, if you have your account link with a Xero account, invoices will be saved into Xero from there they can be sent out by your accounts manager. If you don’t have a Xero account then invoices will be sent to your accounts manager who can then forward them to the correct recipients.

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With the ability for staff and contractors to easily clock in and out providing accurate time tracking within projects. Tracking billable hours detail time tracking reports.

Clocking In and Out

With the ability for staff and contractors to clock in and out of projects you are able to have detailed time sheet reports enabling accurate pay. Detailed reporting means you can compare how much time is spent on tasks within an schedule making it easier for project managers to create accurate schedules.

Search within Time Sheets

There are a number of search functions to enable you to see more in depth reporting, for example you can search the timesheet report by project and time frame, viewing all the people who work on a project within the chosen time frame.

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Easily comply with WorkSafe with online induction forms helps to ensure safety of your staff on site reducing risks, enabling a smooth and safe transition from project to project.