Terms of Service

  1. Terms and Conditions
    1. This Website (the Website) is operated by Rave Build Management Limited(“WE,Us”,or Our)
    2. Through the Website. We provide as a service access to an online building project management system (“Service”) to Our customers (“Subscribers”) and other users expressly authorised by Subscribers (“Registered Users”)
    3. You ("You" or "Your") may not use this Website unless You are a Registered User and You have agreed to accept these Terms and Coinditions. Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully and, if You agree to accept them, click “Accept” in the box at the of the Terms and Conditions.
    4. If You are using the Website in Your capacity as an employee,agent,or officer of any other person,company or any other organisation,then You are entering into a contract on behalf of that person,company,organisation,who will be deemed to be the contracting party(i.e. “You” or “ Your “) for the purpose of the remainder of these Terms and Conditions. You must cease using this Website if You are not authorised to enter into contracts of this nature on behalf of that person,company or organisation.
    5. You may only use this Website in relation to projects for which You have been specifically given access (“ Your Projects”) by Us or a Subscriber.
    6. These Terms and Conditions represent the entire agreement between You and Us regarding You use of the Website and the Service.
    7. We may change these Terms and Conditions and give notice to You by posting amended Terms and Conditions on the Website at any time.
  2. Our Service
    1. Our Service is providing access on a subscription basis to an electronically generated project management system designed to assist in the management of building projects.
    2. Our Service is designed for use in relation to New Zealand building projects and is designed accordingly. It should not be used for any building projects in any other country.
    3. We will take all reasonable care to ensure Our Service is fit for the purpose for which it has been designed. However, the Service relies on information that You or other Registered Users generate and enter into the System. You agree that:
      1. Any information or directions contained in any instructions or dialogue boxes in Our System is provided solely for the purpose of facilitating Your use of the System and does not constitute legal,technical or professional advice on building projects or the building industry.
      2. We are not responsible for checking the accuracy,relevance, or significance of any information You input into the System.
      3. You will ensure that the information You provide is complete, accurate and timely. If You are uncertain about information to input at any stage of the System, You will seek appropriate technical or professional advice.
  3. Your Use of the Service
    1. Your log-in is personal to You. You will keep your log-in confidential and will not disclose it to any other person.
    2. When You use this Website for Your Project, We grant to You and You accept, a non-exclusive, single-use licence to use the Website only for Your Project and then only in accordance with the Terms and Conditions.
  4. Your Access to the System
    1. We may decline to provide You with access to the for any reason, providing that We will notify You as soon as reasonably possible.
  5. Intellectual Property
    1. All copyright, trade marks and other intellectual property rights subsisting in or used in connection with the Service and the Website are and will remain Our sole property.
    2. When You use Our Service, You may:
      1. make copies of reports You create using the Service providing that You use those copies only for the purposes relating to Your Project.
      2. not otherwise copy, reproduce, publish, modify, make an adaptation of, issue to the public or re-use those reports in any way.
    3. You may not remove Our trade marks, copyright symbols, or any other statement or device which asserts Our intellectual property rights from any document or file produced through Our Service, from any other materials You download from the Website, or from any authorised copies You make of either of them.
    4. You may not copy, modify, or otherwise interfere with any part of the Website.
    5. You may not create any hyper-links to the Website unless You have Our permission in writing.
  6. Privacy and Use of Data
    1. You agree that You have read Our Privacy Policy and understand that We will store and use data in accordance that Privacy Policy.
    2. You will not use any data that You obtain through Your use of the Website for any other purpose other than Your Project.