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At Rave Build Management, our mission is to empower Kiwi builders with end-to-end software solutions that streamline their construction processes and improve their workflows.

Rave build is with you through every stage of your business

The Rave product suite works across the three key areas of your business.

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Sales Management

Our powerful CRM platform has everything you need to manage your sales process. Close more sales, improve organisation, keep staff focused, with automated reminders providing greater efficiency for teams with accurate sales forecasting and a real time overview.

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This portal is a branded online form designed to collect Client lead information - as long as you have an internet connection on the device, leads will be added to your RAVE client list, with notes and a follow-up in real time.  It is branded with your company logo and colours, and is designed to sit on a tablet at any given Show Home, Home Show, or Expo event.

You can easily create appointments or site visits with your clients using our ‘Follow-Up’ feature. We also have great reporting to make sure your clients are guided and not forgotten at each step of the sales process - includes Clients without Follow-up, Latest Follow-up, and Assigned Follow-up Report for total clarity on the state of play for each client.

The Client Lead, allows you to mark the lead as Hot, Warm, or Cold. This is a helpful way to mark how close the client is to being locked in as a confirmed job. However you and your branch classify Hot, Warm, or Cold is up to you and your branch. Rave also has a sales report which shows all clients at each of the hot/warm/cold stages.

Customise your Client Sales Opportunity stages, ranging from a 10% inquiry to 100% Won, aligning with your company's unique sales process. As you navigate clients through these stages, access the opportunity funnel, offering a searchable date range. Easily view Client and Project names, last update details, assigned salesperson, and their progress in the sales opportunity. This feature provides valuable insights into a salesperson's progress over time. 

Rave's Sales Reporting stands out as a powerful tool. Explore your company's leads pipeline and easily filter by Sales Person. Generate a report showcasing your top salespeople based on number of sales or the total value of signed projects. Additionally, you can generate reports for contract price changes, changes in build types and the conversion rate for leads. Just some of the many reports available.

Rave has the ability to link to MailChimp - meaning that your existing client database will be copied over to MailChimp, and any new clients added to RAVE will also be copied to our Mailchimp account each day.  This is available via Rave's optional Mailchimp integration module.

Project ManAgement

Project management is the engine room of Rave Build, with user friendly and in depth scheduling, leading your team within project constraints becomes simple. Visual representation in gantt and calendar view, task allocation, task notification, check lists, change alerts, and the ability to easily track build progress provides clarity to everyone involved in the project.

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With free unlimited contractor access, managing tasks, communication, and tendering become effortless, as contractors get access to all the features they need to work effectively and autonomously within the project. Rave has become a popular choice for tradies, with over 13,000 currently using it, so there's a good chance that your trades are already on board.

Effective communication is essential for boosting profits and productivity. With Rave Build, you can easily connect with everyone involved in your project through our user-friendly internal communication and task notifications. Messaging on Rave Build is a breeze, allowing you to send updates to clients, contractors, and staff simultaneously. Implementing Rave’s communication tools can help you reclaim up to two hours per project per week.

Streamline your document management process by uploading project documentation to Rave Build. Once your plans, photos, and other files are added into Rave (via the cloud), you and your contractors can effortlessly retrieve them from your Rave Build account anytime, anywhere. Locating project images and files has never been easier.

Access all your individual tasks, appointments, and follow-ups in a single location. Our centralised cross-project reports empower you to stay in control of multiple schedules, ensuring you never miss a deadline. A brief overview allows you to see your monthly schedule and strategize for your team and trades efficiently.

Rave Build offers four schedule movement options: click & drag, move a single task, adjust remaining tasks in a milestone, and move the entire schedule. These options come with features such as links, constraints, baseline lock, and roll back functionality. Additionally, there are four interchangeable schedule views: task list, gantt chart, calendar, and milestone gantt view. These tools are essential for optimising your time and ensuring your project timelines stay on course.

While scheduled tasks have set start and finish days and/or times, project checklists are perfect for process-driven activities. Whether you want a contractor to follow a specific procedure, guide a site staff member through a particular process, or have flexible tasks without strict deadlines, checklists are the ideal solution. Moreover, Rave's checklists reach another level with the capability to add notes, images, and files.

Financial Management

Cash flow is king, easily manage budgets, track expenses, and monitor project costs. With a clear overview of your project's cash flow, make informed decisions and prevent cost overruns. Xero integration simplifies the financial process for your projects, saving you time and ensuring greater accuracy.

Rave and Xero go hand in hand when it comes to Supplier Bills and Client Invoices. With payment syncing and xero tracking turned on all your payments and projects are matched and tracked in rave and in xero. Ensuring a smooth transition from Financial Management to Accounting Software. 

When you invite suppliers to quote on a project, they are given access to everything they need to be able to price and quote the job accurately. This quote can be accepted or declined within Rave Build, added to a client estimate and pre-populated into your project as a purchase order or supply bill. You can track all outstanding tenders/quote request via one handy report at any time. 

Whether you prefer to upload a budget via csv template, enter a quote manually into Rave Build, or approve quotes after sending out to tender, all your quotes can be stored in one easily accessible location. From the quotes sub-tab, with just a simple click, you can copy a quote to a purchase order or supplier bill, eliminating the need for double handling. Templates make repeat work easy to set up with just a click of a button.

Improve efficiency by creating a stage claim template that allows you to request payments, add variations and keep a forecast and running tally of paid, unpaid, up and coming, and outstanding accounts. Alternatively easily create Charge-up invoices from your bills. Our 'Charge Up' report displays your project's 'Estimate Total' vs what has been 'Invoiced' to date, and the 'Balance' still to be invoiced - including any variations.

Rave’s Client Estimate or Quote allows the user multiple options to add profit, edit a welcome message, add attachments, T's & C's, manage variations and send a client proposal to accept or decline via email. You can duplicate estimates and save estimate templates, you can also create a payment schedule based on your client estimate. Creating Client Variations via in Rave is a great way to ensure you are correctly accounting for your increase (or decrease) in costs. Also ensuring that you have up-to-date purchase orders for the client's changes. The variation can be presented to the client via Rave Build client portal and email. This allows for the client to easily view and accept or decline the VO.

Back costing within Rave simplifies the process by breaking everything down into two easily viewed options: ‘By Category’ or ‘By Supplier’. This allows for a more streamlined approach to managing your budget/quotes/purchase orders and bills showing you if you are under or over budget. Our cost centre (chart of accounts) report is another way to easily view the state of play for any active or completed build project. Our Detailed Transaction Report makes finding invoice and credit notes a dream whilst the Profitability Report gives you the state of play for all jobs and your business as a whole. 


What our clients say about us

“RAVE has been an integral part of our day to day business”

It has allowed us to ensure all of our building projects are well organized right from the sales process, through to handover of our homes, and right through the maintenance period.

Carly Stewart
Bay of Plenty

“We're in full control of our  schedule thanks to Rave”

With such a robust system in place we are able to manage our contractors with ease, have our employees off their phone's and focused on the work at hand.

alex Shuttleworth

“Rave is great, we use it across our entire business”

It saves us time - having all of the required project information on hand cuts down on unnecessary communication between staff and our other sub contractors. The rave support team are also pretty quick to respond to any queries we might have.

Angela Mead
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